Sewer Cleaning & Repair in San Angelo, TX

Superior Services

Our team at Superior Services can keep all kinds of residential, commercial, and municipal sewer and drain pipes free of problems throughout the year. Sewer and drain pipes are highly important to the function of your property and should be taken care of like any other household appliance. Our team is composed of plumbing industry professionals who are able to work on a variety of pipe systems and materials from PVC and concrete to HDPE and orangeburg. The work we provide to our customers in the San Angelo, TX area is always eco-friendly, affordable, and long lasting.

In order to properly clean and repair your pipelines, we will conduct a sewer camera inspection. Sewer camera inspections are quick and easy pipe inspections that do not require any excavation. Sewer camera inspections reveal a variety of problems within your pipe system like blockages, breaks, cracks, and clogs. After our team has taken the time to assess your sewer and drain pipes, we will be able to provide you with the most effective cleaning and repair services in San Angelo, TX.



At Superior Services, the most reliable form of drain cleaning we offer is hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is a noninvasive and safe drain cleaning technology. The process begins with our team inserting a hose with a multi-directional nozzle into your pipeline. When the hose is secured in place, our technician will release high-pressure clean water into your pipe. The pressure is powerful enough to clear your pipes of calcified clogs and tree roots, but it is not powerful enough to create additional damage to your pipe. Hydro jetting is a service that can be used in emergency situations as well as regularly throughout the year to keep your drains healthy and free of problems.

Hydrojetting Repair Drain

Sewer and drain repair

Our team at Superior Services also uses drain cleaning technology to prepare your sewer and drain pipes for repair in San Angelo, TX. Trenchless pipe repair is a form of pipe repair that does not involve any excavation. Trenchless pipe repair also known as trenchless pipe lining is an excellent and durable option for your damaged pipes. The pipe lining process involves our team saturating a felt liner with a special resin mix. When the felt liner is completely saturated, it is pushed through your pipeline. As the liner moves through your pipes, it coats the interior walls, sealing all cracks and imperfections. The liner is left to harden in place for several hours or 60 minutes if heat is used. Once the process is complete, the liner will be removed and your pipe will be inspected one more time to make sure your brand-new pipe is set within your existing one.

If you are experiencing pipe problems and need sewer and drain repair in San Angelo, TX or you would like to clean your drains to ensure problems donít occur in the future, call Superior Services today. We will always arrive at your property with speed and professionalism.